Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Years Resolution Version 2012!

So after the success of my 2011 resolution of seeing all comic book movies released AND the completion of my Good Reads reading challenge of 30 books, I pondered what my 2012 res should be. I decided the following points of interest for my res:

1) I will complete 6 bios/auto-bios books in 2012. They will be of my choosing and will probably remain in the entertainment realm. I am starting with Jim Henson's It Ain't Easy Being Green. Awesome, right?

2) I will coordinate barrettes with my outfits for 2012.

3) I will spend less money going out (thus the Wii purchase!) so I can save for a new car in 2012.

4) I will study for my license test every weekend starting in January 2012 until I take it in spring 2012.

5) I will learn a new word per week, use it and report on it. More to come on this one.

Comments? Concerns?


  1. I recommend A Pirate Looks at Fifty by Jimmy Buffet. :)

  2. Oooooh! Good resolutions! New words are always fun! I want to recommend something, but I can't remember the last biography I read. :/

  3. Zoof, it's like you know my heart! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jimmy Buffet! You should see my tropical shirt & flip flop collection. *sigh* Thanks! Will add that directly.

    John, If you think of a bio/auto-bio, let me know. Starting with Jim Henson is BRILLIANT for me. :-)